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If you are planning to study at a UK College (for A levels or a Foundation Degree) or at a UK University (for an undergraduate or post-graduate course), there are a variety of options after
Your Mayflower College tutor will be very pleased to give you advice and guidance. For entrance to most Colleges and Universities, you normally require a recognised English qualification, such as IELTS.  Mayflower College is an IELTS Test Centre and we have IELTS preparation courses and exam dates listed here: The most common pathways to undergraduate degrees at University are: A levels which take two years Foundation Courses which take just one year To study A levels and Foundation Courses in Plymouth visit: To study undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Plymouth visit: Your Mayflower College tutor can arrange an appointment for you to visit and meet Admissions staff. Universities in the UK UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the UK.  It is a UK charity set up to provide an efficient admissions / applications system for higher education in the UK.  UCAS can assist with undergraduate and postgraduate applications. If you wish to study at a University in another part of the UK, this link will help you to find out more information about how to study at a University in the UK. Visa information If you are a visa national you will need to ensure that you have the correct visa to allow study at a UK College or University.  The Mayflower College is accredited by the UKBA recognised body, Accreditation UK,  to accept students on SVV (Student Visitor Visas) which allow students to study for up to 6 months or ESVV (Extended Student Visitor Visas) for up to 11 months.  At the end of your English course at Mayflower, you cannot extend your visa beyond this period.  Therefore, to continue your studies at a College or University, you will need to return home and make a new application for a visa.  For more information visit here.

OPTIONS FOR STUDYING IN THE UK  (after Mayflower College)

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