Approved English testing for aviation

The Test of English for Aviation is managed and administered by Mayflower College and: meets the ICAO English Language Proficiency Requirements
(LPR’s) for licensing purposes is approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (certificate here) and many other national authorities assesses spoken and listening ability according to the ICAO Rating Scale
Test of English for Aviation (TEA)
Section One Introduction & Experience-related  Interview (7 – 8 minutes) Candidates are asked a series of questions on common, concrete and work-related topics specifically related to their aviation experience/licence. Listen to an example. Section Two  Interactive Comprehension (8-12 minutes) Part 2A: Candidates listen to aviation-specific recordings of non-routine and emergency situations. Candidates are required to explain what they understand about the situation.  Listen to an example. Parts 2B &2C: Candidates listen to a series of problem- solving role-play scenarios. In Part 2B, the candidate is required to ask questions to the speaker. In Part 2C, the candidate is required to give advice to the speaker. Listen to an example. N.B. The quality of the pre-recorded audio in the examples above is lower than in the real test. To listen to test-quality recordings click here. Section Three  Picture Description and Discussion (10 minutes) Candidates describe and compare 2 connected pictures. The task is interactive as specific questions are asked about both pictures. Finally, the examiner leads a discussion of general aviation topics related to the pictures. Listen to an example.
T.E.A. is: an English communication test – not a test of  operational knowledge a test of plain English in an aviation context – it is not a test of aviation phraseology an interview between the candidate and an examiner suitable for professional, private or student pilots  (aeroplane or helicopter), professional or student  controllers, FISOs and radio operators a test of 3 sections lasting approximately 25 minutes:
The format of TEA changed on 1 October 2018 - See new format here