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Testimonials Climb Level 4 has been used by thousands of aviation specialists in more than 40 countries. Here is what some of the students think about the programme: The course was very interesting. I think it´s very important for all aviators, because it has a lot new vocabulary and good audios, overall it´s a good tool to improve our aviation English. Francisco - pilot It's really good! Couldn't imagine that studying with Climb Level 4 I'd see my English improving like that. It's getting better. The program is amazing.  Rodrigo - pilot I'm very happy, because I got level 4 in Ecuador (South America) with your excellent program. I like it, this is what the people want. Christian - pilot I have been using Climb Level 4 since two months ago. It is the first internet-based English course I ever had, so at the beginning I was quite doubtful about it. Now, after only two months of use, I can say how efficient, flexible and helpful the course is. The most important thing is to familiarize enough with it. In order to achieve this, take the tutoring sections and navigate freely throughout the course units, just to get familiar with the environment. Very good is the pronunciation tutor and the overall possibility to improve fluency. On my experience, improving fluency is the most difficult task: I believe that Climb Level 4 is very good at it. Last but not least, the "real" people behind the net. They are available at any time to help the student in any matter, should help be needed. Lio - pilot Notwithstanding I still attend the course, I think it is the most useful course I've ever done. It gives you the opportunity to melt together both grammar and technical vocabulary. Further, the listening parts, programmed with various and different accents, may really help those people involved in aviation field. Roberto - pilot Per quanto riguarda il corso, posso dire che e' molto interessante, istruttivo, fatto veramente bene. Giuseppe - pilot It is the first program which I have found for ATCOs. Actually this program can use also pilots to understand the work of controllers. If you are young student and would like to become an air traffic controller this program is made for you. The most useful part for me is listening, I like to listen these audio files because they are realistic. Also it is helps to prepare you for ELPAC test. Valerijs - ATCO My experience with the level 4 program was excellent , also I was tested in my country and I get a 4,80 ; so I think that the next year I'll be ready to get a 5 . Thanks you for giving me the chance to try your program , and I will share it with my mates. Gabriel – pilot I am really happy to perform these new english lessons and I found them extraordinary and complete. Marcello - pilot According to the programme climb level 4, I can only express my pleasure that I am passing through it. I don't have any remarks, and I hope it will help many more people, as it is helping me now. Nikolay - ATCO The course is very interesting, and helped me greatly in the discovery of new words, inherent in my work as a pilot. Giuseppe - pilot CL4 is a great program and the content is deep and articulated - I especially like the "different European" accents you can experiment on with in the many lectures and cases you have created. The user experience is excellent even if I do feel CL4 could be an outstanding tool if coupled at times with real/human facilitators. Vittorio - pilot I find it very useful especially for my job, I am a pilot, but not only. It is a new method to learn english, very easy and complete, cause you can learn all topics of the language and you can choose the one you need to improve. Giuseppe - pilot I think it is a well designed program which provides us an easy way to improve our English language skills. The independent study of it is very convenient because we can train whenever we have spare time. My favorite part was “grammar”. It is brief, well structured and easy to remember. Prodan - ATCO It covers wide range of all main subjects in Aviation radiotelephony and is well organised and very good in details. I made most of the exercises in `Listening`, but I didn’t have enough time to make them all. The exercises were interesting and I enjoyed myself while made them! Anjelika - ATCO About the Climb Level 4, the course is very interesting and the exercises are necessary to improve the level. Giancarlo – pilot Climb level 4 is all but ICAO manual and fulfils complete requirements of ELPT Sadiqa So the entire course is well done, easy to use, a nice tool to improve the english. I was very happy to have the opportunity to study on it. Gianluca - pilot This program encourages everyone to work hardly to improve English. This program not for lazy persons, because it doesn't reserve a lot of time to consider any questions. You must seriously prepare for learning this course but then you'll receive the best results. All examples and questions in course are given from real life, thus making learning level 4 easier. Yury - pilot A mon sens, le point fort du programme est de pouvoir travailler et converser avec un ordinateur. En effet, le test ICAO ne se fait pas de façon très humaine et cela peut être très déstabilisant pour quelqu'un qui n'est pas nécessairement habitué à parler à une machine ! Les parties du programme qui permettent de travailler la prononciation et la fluency sont elles aussi très bien conçues pour les personnes qui souffrent de ces handicaps. En effet, il n'est pas toujours facil de pouvoir rencontrer quelqu'un de qualifié pour résoudre cela car l'anglais aéronautique et sa phraséologie ne sont pas toujours facil d'accès. En particulier pour une personne qui pratique l'aviation à titre privé, de hobby et qui a une vie active sur le côté. Ce programme présente donc les avantages de faire évoluer chaque personne à son rythme, d'enrichir progressivement le vocabulaire par des exercices clair, de revoir un peu la grammaire, de faire de la compréhension à l'audition mais surtout de pouvoir travailler sa fluency et sa prononciation. Un tout grand merci à l'équipe. Gaëtane - pilot I founded very useful all the topics, particularly the listening and fluency and interaction much near to my job Franco - pilot I am finding out the program very interesting, easily understandable and complete. Very useful it's the part " fluency & comprehension" to improve the pronunciation. I hope soon, with the help of the program, to climb to a higher level. Stefano – pilot I can say that "Level 4" is an easy way to improve english knowledge as a whole and, personally, I've found it to be of great help to correct and improve my own pronounce and accent using mic and hearphones. Marcello – pilot I am extremely pleased with the program, unfortunately I could not manage to do all the exercises. I did 100% of what I thought is most important for me - FLUENCY. Hope that my results will be satisfactory. Stefan - ATCO It's not easy to explain why I find this course really well done but in very few words I would like to say that is helping me a lot in refreshing and renewing my English. Massimo - pilot