Level Description 9 Management Advanced Has full control over the language, and can communicate with some level of subtlety and sophistication. Can demonstrate full understanding of subtle details even in linguistically demanding situations. 8 Management Has almost complete command of the language, with occasional errors and inappropriateness, and can manage complex linguistic situations.  Can often demonstrate full understanding of language in a variety of situations. 7 Operational Advanced Despite occasional inaccuracies and inappropriateness, can communicate in complex linguistic situations. Can demonstrate some understanding of gist and subtleties in most situations. 6 Operational Intermediate Can use some reasonably complex language and manage familiar situations with some ease.  Can demonstrate some understanding of gist, and extract main points, in a variety of situations. 5 Operational Can communicate meaningfully in most situations, particularly in familiar situations, despite frequent mistakes. Can demonstrate understanding of gist and some details in situations which are linguistically less demanding. May extract some information from more linguistically demanding situations, but not reliably or with confidence. 4 Support Advanced Can maintain basic communication in familiar situations, and express some ideas in unfamiliar situations.  Can demonstrate understanding in some situations which are less linguistically demanding by identifying the gist or key words. 3 Support Can express some general meanings on familiar topics, albeit in a limited way. Can demonstrate understanding of some basic situations by identifying certain key words. 2 Pre-support Can express some simple, concrete ideas and understand simple meanings when these are delivered clearly. Can sometimes identify key words and basic gist. 1 Non-operational Has no effective ability to communicate in or understand the spoken language.  Can only demonstrate understanding of the most basic of situations.
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