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PART 4: REPORT AND DISCUSS (7-8 minutes)

Medical Emergencies Now I’m going to show you some pictures which tell a story about a maritime incident. I’d like you to look at the pictures and report the incident to me. Describe all the pictures with as much information as possible. Please think about them for a few moments. OK, you have one minute to speak. Please start now.  
After the report the examiner asks: When cargo is being loaded, what can crews do to avoid accidents? What extra care is necessary when the weather is bad? If your colleague had a serious accident and you were waiting for medical help what would you do? Now I’d like to discuss some more general questions related to Medical Emergencies. What medical emergencies are most common at sea? What is the difference between a medical emergency at sea compared to on land? To what extent are ships prepared for a medical emergency? Thank you very much - that is the end of the test.