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 Visa nationals

Some nationalities need to obtain a visa to study in the UK. Here is a list of "Visa Nationals".


Are you applying for a visa to come to the UK?      
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 Homestay accommodation
Do you require homestay accommodation in Plymouth?    If 'Yes', then:-
  1. Children under 10 years in homestay?
  2. Cats in homestay?
  3. Dogs in homestay?
  4. Hosts who smoke?
** Wherever possible every effort will be made to meet your requirements. However, this cannot be guaranteed. By selecting "Not important" you will have a greater choice of homestay accommodation. **
Are you allergic to animals?    If 'Yes', please give details 
Do you have any other allergies / illnesses?     If 'Yes', please give details 
Do you have any special dietary needs?   If 'Yes', please give details    
Do you smoke?
Do you have any children?    Name and ages?

** A "retainer" fee is payable to homestay families if students vacate their accommodation for a temporary period. **

 Medical / Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you have insurance for your trip to UK.

Do you require medical / travel insurance? The cost is GBP 7.50 per week    

Cover includes:

1. Cancellation, Curtailment or Change of Itinerary
2. Course Fees
3. Medical Expenses
4. Personal Belongings
5. Money
6. Personal Liability
7. Overseas Legal Expenses
8. Personal Accident

* For a summary of the benefits click here

 Public Holidays in the UK

2023 - Public Holidays in the UK

Mayflower College will be closed on the following days:

7 April   Friday   Good Friday
10 April   Monday   Easter Monday
1 May   Monday   May Day
29 May   Monday   Late May Bank Holiday
28 August   Monday   August Bank Holiday

 Payment details  Cancellation Policy

You need to pay a deposit of GBP 150 to secure your enrolment. The balance of the fees must be made in full at least 4 weeks before arrival. Payment may be made either:

  • By Sterling cheque drawn on a bank in the UK. Cheques should be made payable to 'Mayflower College'

  • By Bank-to-Bank transfer to:

Name of Account: Mayflower College
Account Number: 01578070
Bank: Lloyds TSB, 8 Royal Parade, Plymouth PL1 1HB, England
Bank sort code: 30-96-68
SWIFT  / BIC code: LOYDGB21082
IBAN: GB 71 LOYD 3096 68 015780 70

N.B. The Mayflower College is not responsible for any bank charges. If we do not receive the course fees in full then you will be expected to pay the outstanding amount upon arrival.

Before your course begins: The deposit of GBP 150 is non-refundable. If you decide to cancel your course the remainder of the fees are refunded as follows:

  • 30 days before start date - 100%

  • 15-29 days before start date - 85%

  • 7-14 days before start date - 70%

  • 1-6 days before start date - 50%

During your course:

If a student does not attend the course or is absent due to illness, there is no refund.

If a student wishes to take a holiday, shorten their course or reduce the number of hours tuition, they will receive 75% cash refund or 100% credits for a future course IF THE SCHOOL IS INFORMED AT LEAST 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE CHANGE IS DUE TO BE MADE. If a student informs the college of a change less than 3 weeks before the change is due to be made, s/he will not receive any cash or credits.

The Mayflower College reserves the right to ask a student to leave because of misconduct (unacceptable behaviour), non-payment of fees or non-attendance.

 Payments made

For payment options please click here:

I have paid my deposit of GBP 150 by

If 'Other', please specify:


Date I paid my deposit:     Day Month Year

Have you paid your fees in full?