Climb Level 4 - ICAO English

Your online solution to meeting ICAO English standards



  Climb Level 4 is an internet-based, English language assessment and training solution.

Climb Level 4 is designed to enable ATCOs and pilots to meet the ICAO language proficiency requirements through independent study. Using the latest techniques in Speech Recognition technology it covers all 6 of the language skills required to achieve ICAO level 4 and above:

    • pronunciation
    • vocabulary
    • structure (grammar)
    • comprehension
    • fluency
    • interactions
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Climb Level 4 is most suitable for pilots and controllers whose level of English is presently ICAO level 3 or 4 and who wish to improve to level ICAO 4 or 5.


All of the exercises and reference material in Climb Level 4 are aviation-related - this helps to maintain a high level of student motivation.

Throughout the training programme, students can choose to receive clues, check their answers or see the correct answers at any time. This means the student is in full control.



"What I need is a training programme which is specific to me and my problems."