Comments from candidates who have

taken BULATS at Mayflower College:

You get an official certificate about your results which is very useful when you're applying for a job. (André Werner) A good point was that the test becomes more difficult if you give correct answers. (Thomas Röding) It's impressive that the test reacts to the skills of the user so that anybody can show what he can do. (Tobias Vogel) It's good to take the test on the PC so you can say there are no preferences by teacher or anybody and everybody can fight on his own! (Tobias Vogel) I really like the BULATS test. The test is a good possibility to prove your own English. (Florian Paulmann) The Tutorial is good and everybody can understand this. (Norman Kopplin) Knowing I had BULATS test at the end of our course gave us really good opportunity to improve our skills. (Toni Peterseim)
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